Hiroshi Sakai, born on 16th July 1973, Japanese, entered the world of Sushi when he was 18 years old. 
After years of ambitious effort and hardwork, he opened three restaurants in Japan.
Now he has taken the chance to realize his lifelong dreams - he has come to Germany, to spread his artwork of traditional Japanese cuisine; all that he learnt over his long years of dedication for the perfection of his masterpiece. 
He named the restaurant The SAKAI after his own name, Hiroshi Sakai.
It represents his own food culture and his dedication for Japanese culture, which you can experience nowhere else but here. 

Hiroshi Sakai


We designed our restaurant based on the Japanese design principal “Wabi-Sabi”
“Wabi” stands for Japanese minimalism, and “Sabi” for beauty from aging.
Although there are numerous restaurants in Europe, we would are proud to present ours as the only one where you can experience authentic “Wabi-Sabi”. 

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Hedderrichstraße 69, 60596 Frankfurt am Main
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Japanisches Restauarant in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen  - The SAKAI - Sushi, Kaiseki Menü Japanese Restauarant in Frankfurt - The SAKAI - Sushi, Kaiseki Menü