Our Cuisine 

Depending on when and where in the world You eat, there is a wildly different offer of dishes. Not only are the available ingredients an essential factor, but also the climate, the season and overall atmosphere of the place.
German restaurants seem to be not that popular in Japan. The reason for that is not that Japanese people don’t like the German kitchen, but that German dishes, prepared with Japanese ingredients, seem somewhat in the wrong place. When my friend from Japan comes to visit Germany, he is always very excited about the German food.
In the kitchen of THE SAKAI, Japanese cooks create our dishes with Japanese techniques, but nevertheless THE SAKAI does not prepare Japanese dishes in a classical sense. The ingredients and climate in Germany are different, therefore we adjusted the best recipes from the traditional Japanese kitchen to it. We created a new creative form of the Japanese kitchen. We will serve you classics with an experimental twist, adjusted to the climate of Frankfurt, prepared with Japanese technologies and European ingredients - dishes that can only be found at THE SAKAI.
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​Hedderrichstraße 69, 60596 Frankfurt am Main 
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Japanisches Restauarant in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen  - The SAKAI - Sushi, Kaiseki Menü Japanese Restauarant in Frankfurt - The SAKAI - Sushi, Kaiseki Menü